Keratinocytes_en_culture_Schmitt_DanielGENEGRAFT is a European research network (Collaborative Project) coordinated by the Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (INSERM, Prof. Alain Hovnanian, Paris, France).

The consortium brings together 6 complementary partners from 4 European countries whose expertise in these disorders will help ultimately shorten the time lag from basic research to translational application.




The project requires highly qualified and experienced scientists and clinicians in ex vivo gene therapy for human genetic disease, but also highly specific structures officially approved by AFSSAPS for gene therapy in human.

GENEGRAFT uses an interdisciplinary approach based on:

-          Long standing expertise and track-record on clinical cohorts of RDEB patients,

-          Protocol and clinical trial design expertise

-          Outstanding skills in Ex vivo gene therapy

-          Expertise in GMP manufacturing of gene therapy products


GENEGRAFT in numbers

-          7 Institutions : 4 Institutes, 1 SME, 1 private company in charge of Management, 1 Patients association

-          4 European Union members

-          6,3 M€  Budget

-          4,9 M€  EC contribution

-          5 year-duration


GENEGRAFT combines the critical mass of researchers with their respective technological and material resources to build a lasting structure able to both provide a European leadership and to contribute in the ex vivo gene therapy in human arena to treat RDEB at an International level.